Laughter, Optimism, & DIY

Hi! I’m Catherine Azelie, but I just go by Azelie. (This causes loads of confusion in my life, so I thought I’d just clear that up right off the bat.) It’s pronounced as (like the little adverb in “as good as”)—a—lee.


If you’ve ever had your own “Pinterest fail,” you probably thought, “But the directions made it seem so easy!” I’d be rich if I got a nickel every time I thought that. The instructions always leave out the stuff you are supposed to “just know”—the stuff that only your dad and your one weird friend who knows everything know. (Don’t you love how afterward they’re like, “Well, yeah, of course.”)

But as the old adage goes, it’s never as easy as it looks.

So I’m here blogging about simple little lessons learned, unexpected obstacles, how to do the seemingly obvious, and tiny tricks and tidbits along the way to help your projects go smoothly. But why should you listen to me? I’ve had my fair share of disappointments with projects!

There are so many great project plans available and all you have to do is pretty much breathe in the direction of Pinterest. DIY is too much fun for unexpected problems to stop me. Don’t let it stop you, either!

Thanks for stopping by!



P.S. — I really love Despicable Me, so here’s a funny gif for you 🙂




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